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for Schools, Museums, Children's Theatres.

The 45-minute Flowers For Kids  interactive class teaches children of all ages how to appreciate, care for, and arrange flowers. The class encompasses biology, ecology, chemistry, and artistry. For some students this will be their first hands-on floral experience. At the end of the class students will know how to care for flowers, make flower food, and create a flower bouquet with Fillers, Lines, Focals and Greens. They will also experience the emotion of giving flowers when they take home their own bouquets.

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“I used the Flowers for Kids program to teach a group of children, ages 7 to 16, about how to care for and enjoy fresh flowers even longer. The children and their accompanying parents also learned about the different types of flowers that are used in any arrangement so that those Lines, Focals, Fillers and Greens optimize the beauty of the flowers. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone as well as for me. I have been thanked many times by both children and their parents for such a great time and for how much they learned about caring for fresh flowers. It will last them a lifetime! Flowers for Kids is definitely a wonderful and unique approach to educating kids about the world of fresh flowers. I highly recommend it!”

- Catherine Zerrenner
Educator, Ashburn, Virginia

Flowers For Kids is a great activity for schools, homeschools, community groups, camps, birthday parties, children's museums and theatres.

Class Outline: Excerpts from the Flowers For Kids lesson plan/video. Flowers For Kids is conducted in a call and response format; the teacher asks leading questions, the class quickly arrives at the proper answers.

Part 1: Favorite Flowers. (7 minutes)

Q: Why do roses have thorns? A: To protect them
Q: How are small sunflowers grown? A: Higher planting density
Q: What is the most important flower? A: The favorite flower of someone close to you
Q: How do you feel when you receive and give flowers? A: FANTASTIC!!!.

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Part 2: Caring for your Fresh Cut Flowers. (9 minutes)

Q: How do you make “home-made” flower food? A: Sugar and lemon/vinegar
Q: What is the best flower food? A: Floralife, Florissant or Chrysal floral food sachets
Q:What is the proper technique to cut flowers? A: Use good cutters, under water
Q: What is the five second flower rule? A: When cutting flowers in air, you have five seconds before you need to return the flower stem to H2O.

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Part 3: Bouquets. (8 minutes)

Flowers For Kids explains a simple system used to create and organize flower bouquets. The four cornerstones of this system are the Fillers, Lines, Focals, and Greens

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Part 4: Bouquet Making. (15-20 minutes, depending class size)

Every participant gets a chance to make a bouquet to take home

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